It is an honor and privilege to work toward fulfilling Poplar Grove’s mission of conservation, education and preservation. We are in constant need of the talents of many. If you are willing share your talents and experience with us, your opportunity is at hand. Our needs are varied, and we know you can find a place to fit! Click here to review Volunteer Form 2022.

John Moran

Volunteer, Retired Colonel John Moran

Each spring, summer and fall, we hold a Volunteer Orientation for those interested in becoming a docent or helping  with school programs, or the many other areas of the property that require time and attention and expertise. 

It is important to familiarize yourself with the history of this former plantation site, and the history of the Foy family who owned the property from 1795-1971, and of the many Black families who were enslaved here to sustain its operations, and later, as tenant farmers.

Take the opportunity to view click through the Discover tab on the homepage of Poplar Grove’s website, or even better, take the time to visit, if you haven’t already done so.  We are a small but thrifty staff of few, dependent upon the volunteer efforts of many to work towards our mission of conservation, education, and preservation.  

The Pender County Master Gardeners play an active role in maintaining several gardens and a greenhouse, and Poplar Grove has its own Gardening Club. Click here for the PG Gardening Club Brochure for more information.

So many people love the animals and want to volunteer in the Stables; however, this is not an opportunity to play with the animals. Volunteering in the Stables is physically demanding and very much a dirty, dusty job. As the children’s book attests: “Everybody Poops!” and volunteers by and large scoop a lot of poop!  One horse poops on average 40 lbs a day, and we have four full grown rescue horses, not including a pony and donkey!

If you are still interested in this “hands-on” opportunity to volunteer in the Stables, please fill out the Volunteer Form 2022. If selected to participate, you must submit the Volunteer Addendum for the Stables and have it notarized. If you have any questions, please email Betha Knight at thestablesPG@gmail.com for more information. 

We meet seasonally in the Gift Shop for a guided tour of the manor house, and to learn about areas where you can contribute. Click here to review or print a copy of our Volunteer Form 2022. Contact the Executive Director, Caroline Lewis via email at caroline@poplargroveorg for more information.