Moonlight Paranormal Tours

We are pleased to announce paranormal full moon and new moon tours through the Manor House and extended beyond the back courtyard to the tenant house and cemetery.

Last generation of Foys to live in the Manor House

Between May and October, on the evenings of the full moon and new moon, join us on a guided tour through the Manor House for possible paranormal activities. Deceased members of the Foy family household and a few unexpected guests will often make their presence known in particular rooms of the house, and there are lots of stories to share of how they have introduced themselves over the years. The former enslaved and later, tenant farmers, are no less evident than the trees silhouetting the night sky.  

Cameras, cell phones, Ipads, and paranormal activity equipment welcome. Suggested Apps for fun include GHOST SENSOR EM4 DETECTOR, GHOST HUNTING TOOLS, iOvilus, and GHOSTCOM RADAR SPIRIT DETECTOR, but you may have others to employ or suggest to other guests.

Upon arrival and check in, A Scroll of the Dead will be provided including the names of family household members who have passed away in the house and the names of those tenant farmers and domestic servants who spent their livelihoods at Poplar Grove. All tickets $15. Tour times are at 8 pm; a 9 pm tour will be added, if necessary. Advanced reservations required, and can be booked online. No refunds. Tours fill up quickly.

Additional dates can be reserved for groups of 10 or more.  Call Felicia Greene at 910-686-9518 x 103 for more information.


*May 7, Full Moon

*limited to 10 persons

May 22, New Moon

June 5, Full Moon

June 21, New Moon

July 5, Full Moon

July 20, New Moon

August 3, Full Moon

August 18, New Moon

September 2, Full Moon

September 17, New Moon

October 1, Full Moon

October 16, New Moon


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