Mission & Purpose

The Stables is supported and operated through an extensive network of dedicated volunteers.  As an education and advocacy center, The Stables provides care and a peaceful home to all of our farm animals so that they may live in a safe, free-roaming, and well-maintained environment. We receive our animals and work with various animal rescue groups and law enforcement agencies.  We do arrange adoptions for healthy and rehabilitated individuals when appropriate, and often a permanent home to those not suited for placement.


The Stables works with each animal to gain and grow trust,  building and creating companionship amongst the animals with the intention of a peaceful and safe place they can call home. We assure all residents have access to quality vet care, nutritious food, and safe shelter.


Proceeds from barnyard tours, various onsite events, and public donations help to offset the costs of feed, hay, annual vaccinations, and veterinarian visits. 


Our most updated event information can be found on our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/stablespoplargrove