The Stables

The Stables at Poplar Grove is home to a variety of farm animals reflective of the 19th century, including sheep, goats, pigs, hens, roosters, ducks, horses and ponies. There are several ways to visit The Stables: 1) purchase a guided tour ticket to view the manor house, grounds, artist studios and stables; 2) purchase a Grounds ticket for each person in your party; or 3) experience a private hands-on behind the scene tour. Such tours are by reservation only and require a 72-hour advanced notice via email: or via messaging: Poplar Grove Stables | Facebook. Behind the scenes private tours charge $30 for groups between 1-5 persons; and $50 for groups between 6-10 persons.

For more pricing and hours of operation, please vist: Tour Schedule & Prices | Poplar Grove Plantation.

Jersey cows once roamed the acreage surrounding the Manor House at Poplar Grove, and chickens and pigs populated the back yard behind the kitchen shed and herb cellar. The wool from sheep as well as fur from other animals, such as rabbits, was used to create fabrics for necessities like clothes and blankets. Weaving Exhibit.  Hens produced eggs that were a staple to the large Foy family household and its tenant farming families

The Wilmington Messenger, August 26, 1904 Berkshire Pigs for Sale by J.T. Foy

Berkshire Pigs (see last ad in newspaper clipping on left) were a major source of income for the Foys, and late in the Civil War, Mary Ann Simmons Foy petitioned Jefferson Davis to exempt her second son, 18 year-old Joseph Thompson Foy, from serving in exchange for feeding his Confederate troops with pork. 

After harvest, the pigs were turned loose on the peanut fields to turn over the soil and fatten themselves on the dropped “goobers,” in time for holiday celebrations such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, but most especially for a large family barbecue on New Year’s Day.

The eggs of free roaming hens and ducks are available at the Farmers’ Market on Wednesday and at the stables.

Rehabilitation, Foster, and Adoption



The Stables at Poplar Grove is also humbled to be a rescue foster site for neglected and abused equines. We work diligently with law enforcement and rescue organizations to ensure the safety of our four-legged friends!

Our Equine Rescue Program was established to rehabilitate, foster and adopt out well-adjusted equines and to protect the quality of life and well-being of abused, neglected or unwanted equines (horses, donkeys, ponies).  

We offer care and a peaceful home to all of our farm animals so that they may live in a safe, free-roaming well-maintained environment.