Arts/Crafts Guidelines

Arts/Crafts Guidelines

The following guidelines are set forth to determine whether a proposed art/craft is eligible to be sold at the Farmers’ Market at Poplar Grove. All arts/crafts will be reviewed by the market manager under the direction of the Executive Director.

To be reviewed, applicants must submit 3 photographs of the arts/crafts items representative of the items to be sold, along with the Farmers’ Market 2023 APPLICATION and $25.00 application fee.

Arts/Crafts, for the purpose of the Farmers’ Market at Poplar Grove, shall be an item of which an observer of the art/craft can appreciate the technique and execution of the manual skills in the art/craft’s production.

Arts/crafts are considered products from materials not grown or harvested by the artisan.

Farm arts/crafts are defined as value-added farm products produced predominately from materials grown or harvested by the farmer. These crafts cannot constitute more than a quarter of the product sold by the farmer (such as soaps and lotions). These crafts do not have to be juried; however, they must meet all guidelines contained herein.

Specific Criteria

1. All arts/crafts must be hand-crafted/designed by the vendor or a member of the vendor’s farm or craft business. Art/craft vendors are not allowed to carry items made by others.

2. Arts/Crafts must be the product of a home or cottage-type industry using an intermediate type technology rather than industrial type production.

To be considered “hand-crafted,” the item must show evidence of manual skills obtainable only through a significant period of experience and dedication of one’s own design and making – this includes but is not limited to:

Fine Arts such as painting, drawings, sculpture, pottery, ceramics, etc.; Heritage Arts such as basket-making, soap-making, candle-making, woodworking, blacksmithing, weaving, etc., and Decorative Arts for self, home and garden, such as jewelry, birdhouses, furniture from recycled materials, mosaics, stained-glass items, lawn sculpture, etc.

Examples of unacceptable items would be, but not limited to, tracings of paint by number, printed materials, ceramics or pottery from commercial molds, wood carvings using duplicating machines, kits in any form, and any other items which clearly do not reflect originality of design as determined by the market manager and Executive Director.

3. Only prints of original artwork, executed by the vendor, will be allowed, such as photography and prints of original fine art (watercolor, pen & ink, oil and acrylic). Prints of other visual arts will be considered on a case by case basis.

4. All arts/ crafts must be of excellent workmanship both in quality, design, and originality. It shall be assumed that acting agents of Poplar Grove Foundation, Inc. have the professional and educational background necessary to determine aesthetic quality of the art/craft.

5. All arts/crafts vendors must comply with and abide by Poplar Grove Foundation, Inc. Farmers’ Market Fee, Rules & Regulations and By-Laws.

6. The market manager and/or Executive Director has the discretion to immediately remove any item to be sold that is considered pornographic or violent, of poor quality, or commercial grade.

7. As a tourist destination and historic site, Poplar Grove Foundation, Inc. has a gift shop, of which an art/craft vendor may request to have their product represented. Contact the Executive Director or Director for more information. Wholesale only.