Photography & Scouting



Poplar Grove Plantation is a popular site for professional photographers and location scouts for the film and television industries throughout the year. We welcome all guests on our grounds to take pictures for personal use, and hope that you will respect the property by not staging or rearranging Poplar Grove property – as tempting as it may be!

However, for professional photographers with clients who they have arranged to meet here on site, there is a $50.00 sitting fee, limited to two hours on the grounds only that includes the gazebo, outside the tenant house, outside the agricultural building, and outside the barn.  The interior courtyards of the Manor House and the interior courtyard’s original outbuildings (Smokehouse & Kitchen Shed) is not permitted. You are welcome to bring as many props and lighting equipment for those two hours, per client.

Clients include family and friends, engagement couples, brides and grooms, family reunions, children, anniversary couples, and neighbors.  If you are photographing “friends & family,” who are dressed for a professional sitting, in which you are using specific lenses for your high quality camera and have props to use, including blankets, stools, picnic baskets, etc., you will be considered a professional photographer and asked to pay the $50.00 sitting fee.

ABSOLUTELY NO professional photography with clients is permitted on the Manor House porches, decks and staircases, nor the interior front and back courtyards of the Manor House, including the smokehouse and kitchen without permission from the Executive Director at a negotiated price.

For brides and grooms who have chosen Poplar Grove as their wedding and reception site, professional photography is permitted on the porches of the Manor House, decks and staircases, the interior front and back courtyards of the Manor House, the smokehouse and kitchen as part of the wedding package.  This exceptional value also includes professional photography inside the Manor House.

ALL PHOTOGRAPHY, professional and novice, may not stage photographs with clients and props in the garden beds. Absolutely no rearranging or staging of Poplar Grove property, including rockers, flower pots, fencing, wagon wheels, etc., outside of the house, or staging any museum pieces inside the Manor House.


Television and film location scouts, like all visitors to our site,  must pay a tour ticket admission price to view the interior of the Manor House. Photography inside the Manor House for the eight principle rooms while on tour is an additional $25.00.  Photography must not interrupt the tour guide and other guests.


To obtain more information, contact Christina Fennell at 910.686.9518 x 101 or email

Professional photographers interested in scheduling a sitting may also fill out the following form: Photography Contract_2016. You may return the form prior to the scheduled sitting during our business hours by visiting the Gift Shop in the basement of the Manor House, fax the contract to: 910-686-4309, or email the form as a PDF attachment to:

Payment is due prior to scheduled date of photography session.

Check back for further details that will include various packages for photographing inside and outside the Manor House.