Out of respect for the history of this former plantation site, we no longer permit professional photography and/or videography for weddings, engagements, formals, or family photographs. No Exceptions

Poplar Grove defines professional photography as any person who has predetermined what they will be photographing, uses light and camera features beyond the scope of a private individual, considers the positioning and framing of the subject, the time of day/season, the foreground/background/middle ground and the photograph’s linear perspective.

Professional photographers consider the method, equipment, and under what conditions each image is created beyond the spontaneity of a moment. A professional photographer will often schedule a date & time to conduct a shoot, and may or may not be paid a fee, and may publish/post any and all of its work for public consumption.

If any part of this description describes your intents and purposes, we consider you a professional photographer, or at the very least one in the making!

Interviews for local/state/national documentaries and/or requests for scouting location(s) are handled through the Executive Director, Caroline Lewis. For more information email