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What AMENITIES are included?

Ceremony Site:  You may choose between the gazebo, wedding arbor, agricultural museum building, Red Oak tree, or Tenant House. Ceremony site includes 100 white ceremony chairs which our staff sets-up for the client. Additional seating is secured through an outside vendor by the client.

Reception Site: 3100 sq. ft barn is staged with overhead mason jar lights, string lights around the interior posts, television with computer hook-up and a movable bar. We also have on-site 150 wooden chairs and a variety of circular and rectangular tables to seat 150 guests as well as cocktail tables, which the client does not have to outsource. There is an additional $250.00 set-up fee for tables and chairs at the reception site that the client may waive by making outside arrangements.

Set-Up Time: Unlike other venues, clients are permitted to begin set-up at 9 a.m. on the morning of their event date, both at the ceremony and reception sites, which provides a full day for you, your family and friends, or a wedding planner, to stage and decorate to your taste and vision.

Bridal Portrait Session: two (2) hour photo session to be scheduled separately. Refer below for more information.

Rehearsal:  one (1) hour rehearsal time to be scheduled separately.

21 (Small)Bridal Suite: two (2) hour prep time in the bridal suite on the top floor of the Manor House on the day of your wedding, including a full-size mirror, mini-fridge with water, and private bathroom with emergencies items such as thread, safety pins, tissues, hairspray, etc. Please note that the bride and bridal party do not have access to the Bridal Suite until two hours prior to ceremony time.

Restroom Facilities: cleaned and well-stocked on the day of your wedding. Inside the barn/reception area are two single restrooms as well as two restrooms for multiple guests. Located near the gazebo are additional public restrooms for men and women with handicap access. The bridal suite has an en suite restroom as well.

Free Parking: ample parking for 500+ cars on the south side of the Manor House, with various public and service entrances for outside vendors.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the couple to provide all wedding day decorations, including but not limited to linens, tableware, chair covers, flowers, music (live band or DJ), tent(s), food & beverages (caterer), desserts (wedding cake), alcohol, outdoor lighting, lawn games, and any additional white ceremony chairs exceeding the 100 on-site included in the flat rate as well as any additional tables and chairs exceeding 150 on-site for the reception.

Is a DEPOSIT required?

Yes, to secure the date of your event, a one-time refundable deposit of $500.00 is requested at time of booking.  Upon submitting the deposit, your check will be held for fourteen (14) days. Should you choose to cancel for whatever reason within the fourteen (14) days, the full $500.00 deposit will be returned to you. Should you choose to cancel between fifteen (15) and thirty (30) days, $300.00 of your deposit will be refunded to you. After thirty days, your refund is forfeited.

After the event date, the property will be accessed for damages. Once accessed, you will receive a refund check within four weeks via mail for the full amount, providing there were no damages to the property, including but not limited to trash, bottles, and/or decorations left behind, broken chairs and tables, doors left open to air-conditioned buildings, disorderly bathrooms, wet floors, cigar/cigarette butts/bottle caps left on the grounds, etc.

How many GUESTS are permitted?

Poplar Grove Plantation -14Poplar Grove does not charge per person, which gives the client the flexibility of having as little or as many guests as they choose. *Please note that the barn reception space has a maximum occupancy of 150 seated people without a dance floor. See below for more information.

Our venue accommodates both indoor and outdoor ceremony and/or reception. Parties larger than 150 guests will find ample space outside the barn to include as many as 500+ guests. There is an additional tent fee, but there is no limit to the size of the tent a client may order through an outside vendor.

Is there a TIME limit?

Unlike most places, set-up begins at 9 a.m. on the day of your wedding and ends when all of your guests have fully celebrated and sent the couple on their newlywed way! However, county noise ordinances do apply, especially for outdoor receptions that have a band or a DJ.

Please note that the bride and bridal party do not have access to the Bridal Suite until two hours prior to ceremony time.

Is there a limit on DECORATIONS?

Clients are not limited on the size and scope of their decorations. Decorations can be arranged around the ceremony site, inside and outside the barn, at points of entry from the parking areas, in the trees, and on the grounds.

No open flames except in appropriate receptacles. No open flame is permitted inside the Manor House or Manor House courtyards. Sparklers are allowed, but no other fireworks are permitted, especially because of the farm animals at the stables.

All decorations must be removed by the client at the conclusion of the event.

Is there an additional fee for PICTURES?

carriage black and whiteBridal Portraits: two-hour session included and to be scheduled separately. Bridal Portrait sessions are permitted in selected rooms of the Manor House, including the front and back parlors, and winter and summer bedrooms as well as all outdoor locations.

Wedding Party:  wedding day photography is permitted at any location outdoors and may include features of the Manor House, including the courtyards, front and back porches, and front and back staircases.

No one is permitted on the original servant staircase on the back porch connecting the double piazzas (porches).

Bridal Party: photography of the bridal party is only permitted inside the Bridal Suite and connecting bedroom and the main staircase and hallways.

*All other rooms inside the Manor House during the day of your wedding are off limits to any persons, other than your photographer, who is permitted to stage objects such as flowers, rings, dress shoes,  and/or your wedding dress in any of the interior rooms of the Manor House.

Please make sure your photographer DOES NOT stage photographs in garden beds or relocate furniture pieces or other three-dimensional items inside and/or outside the Manor House – doing so compromises the staging of the rooms and the integrity of the antique furniture and Foy family artifacts, including but not limited to clothing, accessories, glassware, photographs, books, newspapers, etc.

Is there a specific room for the groom and his groomsmen?

Copy of 18wFor an additional fee, the groom and his groomsmen may prepare for the ceremony in The Colonel’s Room, or Groom’s Room. Please ask to view this room during your tour of the Manor House and grounds. Provided is a refrigerator, bar with 3 bar stools, mirror, table and chairs for seven, wall hooks for hanging coat jackets, a mirror for last minute coat and tie check.

Is there room for a BAND and/or a dance floor?

For receptions of 100 guests in the barn, there is room for a dance floor, DJ or band.

For receptions of 120 guests in the barn, there is room for a dance floor and a DJ.

For receptions of 150 guests in the barn, there is not adequate room for a dance floor. However, most events that have 150+ guests also add a tent to complement the barn space; thus, there is plenty of room for a dance floor and a band or DJ. If you are renting a tent, most couples typically rent a dance floor to place under the tent.

What do you SET-UP?

Poplar Grove only sets up the ceremony chairs. For an additional $250.00, we will set up the tables and chairs for your reception inside the barn only. However, we ask that a layout for your reception is provided 48 hours prior to your event, so please check your email frequently. We do not set-up tables and chairs for additional outdoor seating, or under tents, as this is typically the property of an outside vendor.

What PERMITS are required?

Poplar Grove leaves the hiring of all vendors up to the client, thus it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all vendors, most especially caterers, are licensed and insured and meet the NC State requirements for their specific industry.

Is ALCOHOL permitted?

Poplar-Grove-Plantation-Weddings-56Poplar Grove does not have any limitations outside of the NC ABC’s requirements. The ABC states that if a client is serving (not selling) beer and wine, a special one-time permit is not required.

If a couple is serving alcohol (liquor) other than beer and wine, they need to apply for a special one-time permit through the NC ABC website. Couples need to apply for the permit at least 8 weeks before their event and provide us with a copy. It is the client’s responsibility to apply for such a permit.

Caterers that include bartending services typically have a permit to serve spirits, but make sure to confirm with your chosen caterer.

Remember, alcohol other than beer and wine cannot be served without the required permit.

Is SMOKING permitted?

Poplar Grove is a non-smoking facility.  Smoking is permitted outside the fence line of the property only. Cigarette butts must be discarded in the proper receptacle.

What happens if it RAINS?

Poplar Grove is located two miles from the intracoastal waterway of the Atlantic Ocean, and rain is a daily part of life in southeastern North Carolina. Though we are not responsible for the gentle and/or fierce acts of Mother Nature, outdoor weddings, if planned properly, can succeed in spite of the rain…

Ceremony Site: If it should rain, an alternative in-door space for your ceremony could include the barn reception space, or even the agricultural museum, which seats 100 guests. However, if your wedding includes more than 100 guests, we encourage standing room only in either space with seating available only for disabled persons.

Reception Site: If you are planning an outdoor reception, or will be including additional seating outside the barn reception space, we encourage clients to make outside arrangements to secure a tent with sides.

Supply vendors also have accommodations that can provide protection in the event of rain. Please confer with your vendor for required notices to supplement your tent with sides, or walk-thru’s if the threat of rain is imminent.

STATE OF EMERGENCY: If there is a state of emergency issued, such as a hurricane, named tropical storm, or any other unforeseen act of God, Poplar Grove Foundation, Inc. will be happy to reschedule your wedding date on the next available date at no additional charge. In the event of a state-wide and/or federal emergency, Poplar Grove will be closed and all operations will cease for the safety and welfare of everyone – guests, staff, and volunteers. There is no exception.

Poplar Grove Foundation, Inc. is not responsible for the loss of any income associated with the cancellation of event vendor services, or guest accommodations, nor are we responsible for any communications with outside vendors or the clients’ guests in the event of a wedding cancellation due to state-wide and/or federal emergencies.

Do you provide CLEAN-UP or BREAKDOWN services?

amber parasolsAfter the event, we do not provide clean-up or breakdown services associated with outside vendor set-up, who may or may not be responsible for the removal of items associated with their services. Please confer with your chosen vendors about any responsibilities or costs associated with the clean-up and breakdown of their services. The barn reception area, bridal suite, ceremony site, and groom’s room should be left in the condition in which it was opened to you. If clean-up is a service you wish provided, additional fees apply and dependent upon specific terms agreed upon between the client and Poplar Grove Foundation, Inc.

Please note that Poplar Grove is responsible for breaking-down the 100 white ceremony chairs.

Further information can be provided by calling or emailing Chrissy Fennell at 910-686-9518 x101 or chrissy@poplargrove.org or during your scheduled site visit.