Equine Rescue Program

jack and april

April & Jack 2015

The horses at Poplar Grove were rescued from various off-site neglectful situations and arrived to us severely underweight and traumatized. Over the course of several years, the Equine Rescue Program at Poplar Grove has rehabilitated these fine animals; though the horses appear healthy for all intents and purposes, if you look closely, you will notice that Cheyenne suffers from Cushings Disease, and that April requires a farrier visit each month to address her long neglected hooves that forced her to walk on her ankles before arriving to our site. These equines require hay, feed, supplements, annual vaccines, regular farrier visits, orthodontic care, and personalized attention from dedicated volunteers.

It is through your generous support that we proudly present to you these fine horses and ponies who are met each morning and afternoon with the greatest care and generosity from our staff and volunteers to be rehabilitated and socialized. Meet April, Starlight, Cheyenne, Dollar, and Coot, our guardian donkey.

We extend our thanks to key volunteers who oversee the care, socialization and training of our rescue horses. Their efforts to rehabilitate the horses in our care are a testament to the love and devotion our volunteers provide this magnificent animals.

Please consider making a donation today by clicking on the link below to support the efforts of the Stables equine rescue program.