Roots of Love Yoga Festival



On May 19, 2018, please join Roots of Recovery for the 2nd annual Roots of Love Yoga Festival, a benefit event for a peer support program for women who have become hopeless, helpless, and homeless. This year, Roots of Recovery has chosen Poplar Grove as their site to hold the festival.

Developed by women, to serve the women of North Carolina, who are 18-years-old and older, women with children and pregnant women, with alcohol and other drug addictions. For more information about this valuable program, visit Roots of Recovery.

We invite you to share the day with your family & friends at historic Poplar Grove, a playground for all. This historic site serves as a perfect backdrop for an all-levels yoga festival, interactive workshops, and children’s activities. Highlights include international teachers, live world music, local vendor market, food truck rally, henna tattooing, and much more!

A variety of yoga classes and med­i­ta­tions will be offered throughout the day for all abilities to participate. Highlights include international teachers, workshops, vendor market, and so much more!! Stay tuned for updates.

$20 all-day pass, 9 AM to 9 PM. Children under 13 are free and welcome to attend kids’ classes.

Bring friends, bring family, or just bring yourself! All are invited to join compassionate people who love yoga, dancing and eating good food just as much as you do. Whether sharing your practice with the non-yogi in your life or taking a step outside your comfort zone; our mission is to be all-inclusive.

Tag Roots of Love Yoga Festival in your social media for a simple, effective way to raise awareness + funds for families in our community asking for help. All proceeds of Roots of Love Yoga Festival go to a holistic, community shelter for women and their children.