Lost Trades Fair 2019

Calling All Vendors of the Lost Trades

Poplar Grove Historic House & Museum seeks applications from artists, musicians & tradesmen for a 2-day Festival in the selling of, demonstration of, and celebration of the Lost Trades in beautiful Wilmington, NC, on Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9, 2019.

Outdoor booth spaces will be 10 x 20 for the selling & demonstration of your trade. Applications will be available no later than October 1, 2018.

Seeking …


Lost Art of Coopering

Stone Carvers, BlackSmiths, Armorers, Falconers, Millers, Tailors, GoldSmiths, MetalSmiths, Drapers, SilverSmiths, Bakers, Tanners, Furriers,  Brewers, Alchemists, PurseMakers, Harpers, Coopers, WineSellers, Weavers, BookBinders, LockSmiths, Tanners, RopeMakers, Rugmakers, HarnessMakers, Bleachers, Cutlers, Engravers, Glovers, Apothecarists, Saddlers, Astrologers, BuckleMaker, Lutenists, Organists, Dyers, SheepShearer, HatMakers, PastryCooks, Fiddlers, BeeKeepers, Drummers, Bowyers, Cannoneer, Archers, Bowmen, Spicers, Swordsmen, Cobblers, Crossbowmen, LaceMakers, Plummers, Ironmonger, Stationers, Glassblowers, BasketWeavers, Calligraphers,  Cartographers, Charcoal Burners, Clothier, Painters, Cordwainers, Cartwrights, Chandlers, SoapMakers, Herbalists, Leatherworker,  Needlepoint, Woodworkers, Haberdashers, Shipwrights, Potters, CooperSmiths, Gardeners, ShoeMakers, etc.


Contact Suzette Cooper-Hawley for more information at suzette@poplargrove.org and keep checking our website as the October 1st application posting date approaches.